Friday, December 14, 2007

Is Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 still available?

Anybody know where I can still download Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 for the Mac? I need to downgrade for a client project :(



Mike said...

If somebody digs a copy up for you, give me a shout, would you? I need to do the same thing. My email is anodynepres(at)gmail(dot)com

Matt said...

Can you explain what about Beta 3 won't let you continue on your project? Beta 2 is expected to expire completely pretty soon and we won't be able to extend it for you.

tt said...

the client doesn't want to upgrade until after their pilot which will end sometime in January. The changes are fairly minor as far as I can tell however, since there are many people working on the project using beta 2 I can't update the code to beta 3 until they do also.

Mike said...

We lost the entire constraint based layout features using rows and columns in the design view. Also, for me, it completely blanks out my eclipse interface occasionally when switching between files or views.

If I have to live with beta3, I'll make do, it's just that the interface seemed to take a pretty big step backward.

JeffC said...

I still have the installer for the plugin to Eclipse (I actually deleted it yesterday, but its still in my trash). If, however, you're looking for the full Eclipse+FB then I can't help you.

Also, am I legally allowed to send you a copy of the public beta? =\ (Adobe, avert your eyes).

If you still need it, send me an email and I'll see what I can do (coughlinj [at] gmail).

Matt said...

Yes, we did remove the constraint UI but the actual constraint system does still exist within the SDK code. Unfortunately we found that we were not going to be able to deliver a complete solution with that UI in our Flex 3 timeframe, but will try to incorporate all of that work into Thermo and some other future offerings.

I will look into making the old installers available for you though. Please mail me offlist, mchotin AT adobe DOT com.

Mike said...

Thanks Matt, but I'm going to stick with the beta 3 for now. If they are not going to make it into the actual release, I'd rather just refactor the code I was working on. I notice that they still work in code view, but they are really difficult to work with non-visually. I'll just go back to using the older constraints and the grid.

Thanks for looking into it though.