Wednesday, October 24, 2007

tabIndex in Flex Popup Windows

This morning I had what seemed like a very simple task to complete, add a tab order to a small login form in an AIR app we're building. Several hours later I still had not accomplished this. I'm the first to admit that after a year or so of managing a team and not doing much hands on development my Flex skills are a bit rusty but this was ridiculous. The login form is in a modal popup window. Turns out that was m problem. When I would hit "Tab" the focus would jump back to the fields in the main application window. To fix this I created a FocusManager instance for the login screen and then activated it when the screen loaded. Once the screen was "activated" it held the focus while I tabbed through the form fields on that screen. Happy day. The FocusManager snippet is below, it's pretty simple, only two lines.

//grab focus for the popup window so tabIndex works.
var fm:FocusManager = new FocusManager(this);


Sunday, October 21, 2007

My "frist" week at homage

On Friday I completed my "frist" week at Knoware. I say "frist" out of respect for my buddy Joe who helped get me this great new gig. He's a fantastic developer but he can't spell for shit :) After his first week he wrote a blog post entitled "My frist week at Knoware" so I thought I'd keep the tradition alive.

All in all I think it was a very good week. I'm learning quite a bit already. The most obvious change aside from the new office and people is the new laptop. I've made the switch from PC to Mac and so far I'm loving it. More about that in another post perhaps...

Another thing I've been learning is Cairngorm. We didn't use it at Crowe so I'm not too familiar. I started doing a little reading and watching some videos ( has started a fantastic series on Cairngorm that has been very helpful). So far I like what I see. I still haven't seen a full Cairngorm implementation but some of the design patterns I've looked at so far seem to make a lot of sense.

Anyway, I'm back at it tomorrow. God willing, things will continue to go well and I'll continue to learn a lot, and hopefully, get better at foosball...

Friday, October 05, 2007

I need a new phone

A few months ago the company I work for bought a Treo 700wx for me to use. Unfortunately when I did that I signed a 2 year service contract w/Verizon so they would get a good rate on the phone. Now I'm leaving my job and they want their phone back which leaves me stuck with a 2 year contract and no phone :(

Anybody know where to get decent phones on the cheap? I'd like to get another "business class" phone (Blackberry, Treo...) if possible but I don't have much money to blow on this.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A New Path

After a little over three great years with Crowe I've decided to head down a new path. In about two weeks I will be starting a new job at a local software studio called Knoware Those of you at MAX may recognize that name as my buddy Joe presented his AIR iPhone application at the Ribbit Inspire session on Monday. Unfortunately my timing is crap and I'm not able to attend MAX this year because I'm "in between" jobs. Oh well, there's always next year in San Francisco!