Friday, March 03, 2006

Survey Management RIA

We did a soft launch of my first major Coldfusion project yesterday. The app is a complete survey management tool that covers everything from survey creation to reviewing survey results in a Flex dashboard. Unfortunately it's an internal app so I can't post an example but I think we are going to be genericising the content so hopefully we can move it to a public site sometime soon. In the meantime I'm going to put together a small case study that explains some of the key features including data transfer between our internal corporate network and our external data center, integrated Windows authentication etc....

Quick overview of the app:
1. A user visits the survey starter app to initiate a survey. (Coldfusion)
2. A survey is created and sent to a specific client. (Coldfusion)
3. The client recieves and email, clicks a link and takes the survey. (Coldfusion)
4. The data is transfered back to our internal network via BizTalk and a CF web service. (Coldfusion)
5. The person who initiates the survey recieves an email telling them that the survey is complete with a link to view the results in the dashboard. (Coldfusion & Flex)
6. Based on their permission level the user can view results of their own survey(s) and the surveys of people who report to them. (Coldfusion & Flex)


jetfoo said...

how can i get an example of this app, since i would like to see how you handle biztalk, as I have had some issue and some strange instance when dealing with the wsdl.

tt said...

I'm sorry I won't be much help here. A member from our IT staff at another office wrote the BizTalk integration portion of the app.