Monday, February 27, 2006


Netvibes was listed as one of the top Web 2.0 apps of 2005. Many of you have probably already seen this but for those who missed it like I did, I thought I'd post a quick link.

Netvibes is a dashboard style page with pods you can customize with your own content. You can keep notes, view your Gmail, keep an eye on various feeds, do web searches etc... This can all be achieved without the hassle of having to create an account. Of course, if you want to be able to view your page from multiple computers, an account is required.



Anonymous said...

When is somebody going to create a Coldfusion NetVibes rip off and distribute it freely so I can put it on my Intranet?

Tegan said...


I read your comments on web based personalized desktops. I was wondering if you have visited Pageflakes already? We are offering a similar service allowing you to read news feeds and setting up multiple pages that can be customized with local weather, address book, todo lists, event finders, TV guides and much more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe you have some thoughts on what we can improve.

Thanks and best regards

tt said...

Hey Tegan, I checked out Pageflakes, very cool. I especially like the tabs at the top to break up your "flakes."

Nice work!


tt said...

Tegan, one other thing I thought of. It would be very cool to have a Reminder flake that would email and/or send you an SMS for events, to-do's etc ....